LAD Benefits for 2017-18


arrow-right (1K) Membership Fees

Business Membership: $100Artist Membership: $40 Musician Membership: $40

*An administration fee of $4 for businesses and $1.50 for artist/musicians are added to all credit card payments.

arrow-right (1K) Unlimited Posting of Events  (LAD website)

All members can post an unlimited number of events on the LAD website. Events must take place within the city limits to qualify for posting.

How to submit an event:


arrow-right (1K) Unlimited Posting of Event Graphics (LAD website)

Please submit all event links


arrow-right (1K) Business Directory with Logo (LAD website)

All member business will have their logo added to their appropriate category in the Business page of the LAD website. The logos will show an image of the storefront on hovering and the business name will be linked to the business website.


arrow-right (1K) Artist Directory with Sample Image (LAD website)

Each member artist's name will appear in the directory along with a sample of their work. The name will be linked to their website.


arrow-right (1K) Musician Directory with Sample Music (LAD website)

Each member musician's name will appear in the directory in the category indicated in the membership application. A sample of their music can also be added.


arrow-right (1K) Group Marketing Packages

All business members can participate in a significantly reduced group rate as negociated by the LAD for print and digital ads.


arrow-right (1K) Social Networking

All events, features, and other member submissions are posted on the LAD Facebook page and other social media sites.


arrow-right (1K) Other Benefits

Home Depot: LAD members get %10 discount.
Union Jack Liquor: FFAW business participants receive a 25% discount off wine for receptions.